"A classical of Turkey"

Turkey Symphony Orchestra, which will bring our colorful and rich samples of Turkish Classical Music
to the international arena, will play an important role in reflecting our country’s unique values through culture and art.


Turkey Symphony Orchestra, which is a genuine art project, will present samples of Turkish Classical Music together with the samples of World Classical Music in projects to be realized. Turkey Symphony Orchestra will contribute to the presentation of Turkey operating in cultural and artistic areas and playing an important role for the presentation of Turkish culture. Turkey Symphony Orchestra, an extensive project including many other sub projects, is going to use some of the money gathered from the projects in social responsibility issues. Concert programs organized with various contents and qualities will present the listener a tasty and delicious musical program. Orchestra carries out activities in order to bring samples of Turkish music blended with world classical music to larger groups of listeners. Turkey Symphony Orchestra, embracing an approach that prioritizes the universal language of culture and art and aiming to provide the audience with a memory to last forever, has performed its first concert in Grand Cevahir Hotel on 2nd October 2013, during the opening ceremony of XVII. International Coal Preparation Congress and Exhibition.

For more information, please visit www.turkeysymphony.com